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The Original Golden SparrowBox

The Original Golden SparrowBox

Here at the Original Golden Sparrow Box Co., we believe we have created the perfect nesting box for sparrows. But rather than sing it’s praises, we like to let the sparrows do that for us!

“Take a look at the build process below and gain a better understanding of what it is they find so attractive about these boxes.

At the moment, we are not selling boxes directly from our website, however, we are taking pre orders to supply and install to local areas. If you are interested in us building you a nest box and are local to us (we are based in the new forest), there are three types of Original Golden Sparrow Box to choose from:

  • The Original Golden Sparrow Triple Box as shown
  • The Original Golden Sparrow Double Box (pics coming soon)
  • The Original Golden Sparrow Single Box (pics coming soon)

All our boxes are protected by patent GB1600805.4

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The Build Process – Step 1

The Original Golden Sparrow Box showing box before being packed with Barley Straw and with lid detached

We spent three years perfecting the design of our nesting boxes to guarantee you the very best chance of attracting sparrows to your home.

The box itself is made locally, from the finest accoya wood, guaranteed to last 40+ years. Accoya benefits from being a non-toxic alternative to treated timber and also comes from sustainable sources, meeting our high demands of being environmentally better than other alternatives. The wood finish is of fine craftsmanship and the galvanised meshed wire front offers great safety and security for the sparrows from predators.

What about predators like Woodpeckers?

Though it has been known for woodpeckers to pull the straw out of the front of our boxes, they simply can’t get through the wire mesh, unlike some modern boxes that have wooden fronts that can be easily destroyed by a bird like this. We have received no reports of Woodpeckers attacking the sides of the box.

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The Build Process – Step 2

The Original Golden Sparrow Box showing box packed with Barley Straw with lid detached

As mentioned above, the front of the box features a heavily galvanised mesh wire front which, as you can see in the image, is then packed with barley straw to create a safe and welcoming home for your guests.

Why pack it with barley straw?

Before the advent of consumerism and the growing need for nest boxes for our beautiful feathered friends, sparrows would nest in thatched rooves (and still do to this day). A thatched roof offers everything a sparrow needs, from warmth and comfort to safety and security from the elements. The galvanised meshed wire front on our boxes serves another purpose though. Not only is it great for protection against predators, but once packed with barley straw, it instantly becomes the thatched home we know that sparrows love, offering them everything they really need. We also added a curved smooth wooden entrance to the frame to allow a gentle access for the sparrows.

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The Build Process – Step 3

The Original Golden Sparrow Box showing box packed with Barley Straw with lid detached

All of our boxes are supplied with pre-drilled holes, ready to be mounted in your chosen location.

Is the lid easily removable?

We have included some wonderful touches to our Original Golden Sparrow Boxes, such as a roof that easily clips off. It has been ergonomically designed with the customer in mind, meaning there are no visible clips, hooks or screws like many other nesting boxes on the market. This makes it safer for the sparrows too, as there are no obtrusions to catch themselves on. Just a single turn of an allen key and the roof easily clips off.

Do I need to clean the box out?

Sparrows are incredibly clean birds and self clean their own nests. Because many sparrows will use and reuse their nests, we would advise that once your box is mounted, you simply leave the sparrows to enjoy their new home. It is actually illegal to clean out nest boxes during the breeding season, from 1st February to 31st July, in case active nests are inadvertently disturbed.

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The Original Golden Sparrow Box = Happy Sparrows!

The Original Golden Sparrow Box showing box packed with Barley Straw with lid detached. Also showing nesting material.

Do the sparrows pull out the barley straw?

We’ve been asked on a number of occasions whether the sparrows pull the barley out of the mesh themselves, which they simply do not do (not even for nesting material). They are attracted to the barley as it reminds them of thatched rooves, so they have no desire to destroy what ultimately protects them.

Once the sparrows have decided they want to nest, they use the box just as they would any normal nesting box. They will spend their time searching for nesting material and will decorate the inside of the box as they would any other normal nesting box, creating themselves the perfect home that they will use over and over again.

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