Noisy and gregarious, these cheerful exploiters of man’s rubbish and wastefulness, have managed to colonise most of the world. The ultimate avian opportunist perhaps. Monitoring suggests a severe decline in the UK house sparrow population, recently estimated as dropping by 71 per cent between 1977 and 2008 with substantial declines in both rural and urban populations. Whilst the decline in England continues, Breeding Bird Survey data indicate recent population increases in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
We are currently only delivering locally, but are happy to supply and install in and around Hampshire and the New Forest.
We have designed it to be very easy. You can fit it directly on the underside of the roof eves or against the wall. Fixings are supplied in the pack.
No, the nest box opening is very specific to house sparrows. Other birds will not be interested.
We offer a 2 year, no quibble warranty against manufacturing defects.
We would love to say yes every time, however there will be some sites that simply won’t be suitable and will not attract sparrows. However, the design and thought that has gone into your Original Golden Sparrow Box will give you the very best changes of attracting sparrows. And the results are really amazing!
Though it has been known for woodpeckers to pull the straw out of the front of our boxes, they simply can’t get through the wire mesh, unlike some modern boxes that have wooden fronts that can be easily destroyed by a bird like this. And as there is little on the sides for them to grab hold of, it's unlikely they would try. However, we can't guarantee 100% that predators won't overcome the design, though to date we have received no reports of Woodpeckers or other similar predators attacking the sides of the box.
Before the advent of consumerism and the growing need for nest boxes for our beautiful feathered friends, sparrows would nest in thatched rooves (and still do to this day). A thatched roof offers everything a sparrow needs, from warmth and comfort to safety and security from the elements. The galvanised meshed wire front on our boxes serves another purpose though. Not only is it great for protection against predators, but once packed with barley straw, it instantly becomes the thatched home we know that sparrows love, offering them everything they really need.
Yes, the lid easily clips off. It has been ergonomically designed with the customer in mind, meaning there are no visible clips, hooks or screws like many other nesting boxes on the market. Just a single turn of an allen key and the lid unclips.
No. Sparrows are incredibly clean birds and self clean their own nests. Because many sparrows will use and reuse their nests, we would advise that once your box is mounted, you simply leave the sparrows to enjoy their new home. It is actually illegal to clean out nest boxes during the breeding season, from 1st February to 31st July, in case active nests are inadvertently disturbed.
No! Once the sparrows have decided they want to nest, they use the box just as they would any normal nesting box. They will spend their time searching for nesting material and will decorate the inside of the box as they would any other normal nesting box, creating themselves the perfect home that they will use over and over again.

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